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May 24, 2018 by · Leave a Comment 

Spring work of burning and cutting heather continued to the last day of April, catching up after losing so many days to snow cover.    There was minimal risk to any nests as all species of birds are about 7 – 10 days later than normal with their breeding this year due to the cold late Spring.

Now in mid May it is warm and very dry, so a few showers would be ideal for hatches in early June.  However plenty of insects are seen around our moorland vegetation which is good food for young chicks.

The Spring predator campaign is full on now.   Some foxes have been culled but many of their traditional dens are now occupied by Badgers and their increasing numbers are a major threat to all ground nesting birds, specially our rare wader species of Curlew, Lapwing and Oystercatcher.    Carrion crows have been more scarce than usual; perhaps many years of control are working at last but the long cold winter might have reduced their numbers too.

Moorland works are wound down from now till late June so that broods of young chicks are not disturbed or stressed.  Our best moor is well stocked and we will have to top up the grit points in early July and check and fill the water pans if dry weather persists.


Thank you to all who bid for our mini-driven grouse shoot days in shooting charity auctions this Spring.

We look forward to seeing the winners here for some sport this Autumn.



British Moorlands